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Morgan Presentation

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Morgan Presentation



Elements of the framework



Charles Handy in Understanding Organizations (1993) identifies six concepts for understanding organizations that we will use in presenting Morgan's images of organization. Those concepts are:



  1. Motivation
  2. Roles
  3. Leadeship
  4. Power and influence
  5. Groups
  6. Culture


You will address how each of these concepts works in the various metaphors Morgan describes. That is, what motivates a person when the organization is viewed as a machine, how are roles determined and played out, and so on. Because the goal of this course is for you to develop your own theory of how your organization functions, the purpose in completing this exercise of combining Handy's analytical grid with Morgan's metaphors is to give you a flexible tool for thinking about your organization. Clicking on the chapter below takes you to a new page, where you can collaborate on your work and make it easily available to your colleagues.


Chapters and group members




Group members

2 Organizations as machines  Heather, Louis
3 Organizations as organisms  Sarah, John
4 Organizations as brains  Cindy, Ty
5 Organizations as cultures  Tim, Mike
6 Organizations as political systems  Kathy, Dan
7 Organizations as psychic prisons  Maceo, Karen
8 Organizations as flux and transformation  Jerry, Amy


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